Video Production in Kosovo

We make Videos that Inspire
O2EU’s video agency helps clients with content that produces measurable results.

Video Production Services

We offer a wide range of video production services, including tv commercials, Facebook and Instagram videos and stories, animation videos, YouTube ads, infographics, website videos, tutorials, product videos, 360 videos, etc.

Our creative agency stands out from most outsourcing video production houses because we understand the marketing and business development reasons behind our client’s video production needs. We sit down with our clients and discuss strategy, and come up with solutions only after we agree on what the intended outcomes of the video to be produced are.

We have a whole range of complementary marketing and promotion services that add significant value to this process.

How do we make sure your videos are promoted properly?

When it comes to video marketing one should use some pretty definitive rules because marketing videos can sometimes be more hindering than profiting to a company. Every brand is different from the other, each of them contains a story that is inherently unique. How you narrate the video makes a difference in the marketplace. Our producers, videographers, and animators tell the story of your products & services identity.
Through unique visuals, we express the personality, value, and emotion behind your brand. We focus on conveying the mission of your business to the audience rather than just being overly focused on the product. We will focus on creating inspiring and exciting videos that cannot be considered boring. These unique characteristics of your company, prompt potential buyers to engage with you and customers to stick with you.

Why would we trust Outsource2EU to both produce and market our videos?

Producing good video means connecting better with your audience. Marketing it properly means a higher return on investment (ROI). Businesses that use video marketing grow revenue faster than the businesses that do not. Video marketing is a good way of boosting traffic and increasing conversions. Because most of the users spend 88% of the time on websites with videos makes video investment worth it. Videos are an SEO gold mine, they help you build backlinks to your site, boosting shares and likes (that affect search rankings), and drive traffic to your site.

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