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Best Digital Marketing & Development Services in Macedonia

We provide the best digital marketing & development services in Macedonia. As outsourcing services are growing, countries like Macedonia are becoming highly attractive business destinations. We use unique tactics to make your business more organized and innovative, which is necessary if you want to stand out of the crowd. By combining the best digital solutions we will give your business a distinguished selling proposition.

What makes us unique is that we provide cost-effective services along with quality software and marketing solutions. Using utmost professionalism and keeping up with the most recent trends and technologies available in the market, we design and offer the best development services for our clients. We are motivated and keep working hard because of the positive feedback we have received from clients who are satisfied with our work.

Why choose Macedonia?

Macedonia is a small country with a population of 2 million, yet it manages to be very successful in outsourcing. In 2017, Macedonia outsourced services worth more than 240 million Euros and this number is expected to increase even more. Macedonia has a well-educated and high skilled youth in outsourcing sectors. Located in Europe it makes it an easily accessible country and a strategic location for outsourcing. Needless to say, 95% of the youth speaks English which also makes communication easier.

Education plays a crucial role in the outsourcing business. Macedonia possesses a qualitative educational system. Almost every ranking lists education in Macedonia in the top 30 in the world making it a lot higher than other countries like India, Indonesia and so on. The most rated professions are in the IT sector, electronics, and communications, and the literacy rate is over 95%.

Besides having Macedonian as their native language which makes it easy to communicate with most Balkan countries, Macedonians also learn English as their second language – making their writing and speaking skills at an excellent. Other proficient languages in Macedonia include German, Albanian, French, and Spanish.
Located in the southeast of Europe gives Macedonia a strategic location and easily accessible place. With two airports that cover international flights with no longer than three hours to major cities in Europe.

The average salary in Macedonia is lower than 85% of Europe and 55% of the world, thus making it a favorable country for outsourcing. Your projects will definitely cost less than hiring someone from your country to do the work for you, at a quality comparable to that in Europe and the U.S.

Macedonia offers highly skilled and talented young tech experts. Most of the youth specialize in the IT sector, which is a very suitable outsourcing sector.

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