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Professional Outsourcing
Company in KOSOVO

We offer several professional outsourcing services in Kosovo.

Our outsourcing company is dedicated to learning and understanding your business in depth. We care about building a friendly relationship with our clients, to ensure that our marketing strategy solves real problems. We build marketing campaigns while constantly keeping track of our clients’ needs so that we solve their greatest marketing problems.

Through commitment, we use the best practices and follow the latest innovations in digital marketing. Because we understand how quickly new marketing strategies are developing we find ways to reach any web user with a marketing message. Whether you want to improve your search rankings or learn better ways to connect on social media, we constantly look for the most innovative and newest ways to bring your business brand closer to your targeted online audience.

Why choose Kosovo?

Kosovo is a young and highly developing country whose youth is committed to growing its economy by providing affordable yet professional outsourcing services and building brands that become international. Kosovo ranks among the four countries in Europe that have experienced continuous growth every year since the global financial crisis in 2008. With highly skilled youth and a strategic location, Kosovo strives to offer services and products with attractive prices whilst keeping up with the latest trends and strategies.

Kosovo is the country with the youngest population in Europe. Most of the youth is well-educated, have pursued their studies in some of the best international universities, have a strong command of English and German language. The government of Kosovo strongly supports the ICT industry. We have benefitted quite a lot from this entrepreneurial environment.

Kosovo has a strategic location - Even though a developing country, it is in the heart of Europe, making it one of the most attractive destinations for outsourcing in Europe. Also, Kosovo is a CEFTA member, which gives free access to 529 million EU consumers and offers a better investment environment and stable relations with its counterparts.
In Kosovo, you can get more for less. Recent studies show that many companies in the UK and US are turning to South-Eastern Europe for investments and outsourcing because of the cheap and more qualified labor force.

The legal system in Kosovo is very compatible with EU legislation. One can find all the laws available in English, and see that they are very similar, if not identical, to those of the European Union members. Kosovo has a simple, attractive and transparent tax system. Most importantly, it has Euro as its official currency, making it easier to do business in Kosovo than in most outsourcing countries.

Because it is located in the heart of Europe, this makes Kosovo have a close cultural link to Europe, which in turn helps companies reduce some of the problems they encounter from working with companies that come from different cultural backgrounds.

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